It all started WITh a dress

According to her brother, Randy, there wasn't a time Trish wasn't designing, starting with the paper garments she made as a child to honor her ancestors to the wedding dresses seen on WSJ, San Francisco Chronicle, HBO, 7x7, and thousands of brides worldwide.

At Trish Lee Bridal, we believe that we can do our part in promoting a conscious community. Our mission is to design a high quality product at an attainable price point. The price of our gowns reflect the true value and cost of a Trish Lee gown. The amount you pay is going directly to the cost of producing and selling our beautiful garments locally.

In 2018, Trish Lee Bridal was acquired by Anomalie, with Trish joining as Chief Design Officer. In her free time, Trish is an advocate of Burmese food and culture and mother to Knox.