Junebug Weddings - Wedding Dress Shopping Tips by Trish Lee

Wedding Dress Shopping 101

Bridal gown shopping tips from San Francisco wedding dress designer Trish Lee

Finding the perfect wedding dress is without a doubt one of the most exciting decisions for a bride-to-be! Quite possibly the most beautiful garment you will ever wear. Choosing your wedding dress should be an experience of a lifetime, but for many brides, the prospect of finding “The One” can be an overwhelming and even daunting task. So, we’ve asked Trish Lee, an up-and-coming San Francisco bridal gown designer specializing in bespoke vintage-inspired wedding gowns, to share her advice for navigating your wedding dress shopping process.

What can a bride do to prepare before she begins her wedding dress selection process? 

Assuming she has her venue locked down, my best advice: don’t over-think it. Pull a few looks that resonate with you so you have a starting point, set a budget, and then make an appointment. Make sure it’s on a day/time that you’ve mentally set aside for dress-shopping. Do not squeeze in a shopping appointment haphazardly. Wedding dress shopping requires your full mental presence and you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you’re prepared to assess each gown you try on and give feedback to your consultant, so she can pull the right looks for you.

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