The Essential Bridal Shoe Guide

Wobbling down the aisle, getting stuck in the lawn, tripping during your first dance. These are all scenarios that have crossed the minds of most brides, which is why picking the right shoes is an essential part of preparing for the big day.

When selecting wedding shoes, many brides go with the traditional heel option. However, there are many other options that may very well suit the bride’s personality, wedding theme and even desired comfort level, and by no means should a bride have to choose comfort over elegance. Once you’ve selected the style of wedding shoe, see our 7 helpful tips to break in your wedding shoes, so you can dance the night away.

Heels: If heels are your number one preference, go for thicker chunkier heels that are no more than 2 - 3 inches. Stay away from pinpoint-width stilettos. After all, most of your shoes will not be visible beneath your gown. Also, make sure these heels have extra cushion support to help with comfort and balance. Choose a pretty kitten heel or vintage-inspired pump.  


Platforms: Although the height of these shoes may scare you away, the extra padding along the base of the shoe adds support and the added platform lessens the angle of the arch. The thicker platform makes balance and walking a bit easier than standard heels of this height.


Wedges: If you still want to have the height without the heel element, wedges are a great option. Because of the larger surface area in contact with the ground, they exert less pressure. 

Low Wedges: These not only provide the benefits of the regular wedge but in addition they also do without the arch-aching height.

Wedge Sneakers: For the daring bride that wants the ultimate in comfort, these are the best option. The genius behind the shoe is that it mixes the femininity of high heels with the comfort of a sneaker.

Open-Toed Booties: A favorite for winter or fall. The shoe covers and supports your entire foot while keeping your warm. 

Flats: You don’t need stilettos to make a statement, flats can not only provide and amazing amount of comfort but with the right pair can be elegant and be be re-worn for all other less formal occasions of the wedding.

Barefoot: For a hot summer day and or beach wedding, being in contact with the earth can be not only comfortable but a grounding experience.  Just make sure you have booked your special pedicure and even add some lace or jewel design to decorate the feet.


Once you have decided what kind of shoes you are going to wear, here are 7 tips on to how to prepare your shoes for the big day:

Choose a size larger: try on a size that are one half to one full size above your normal size. You want to make sure there is enough wiggle room for your toes and heel, yet not too much space left that may make movement difficult.

Break in Your Heels: shoes that have been slightly worn will offer greater ease of movement, than brand new shoes. Move around in them and let your feet adjust, the last thing you want is blisters on your feet the day two hours into your wedding day. 

Straps Trick: If you are wearing shoes with straps, and these are rubbing your feet. One quick an easy way to relieve the irritated skin is to put some deodorant on that spot. This will provide a cushion between your feet and the strap.

Use heat to add flexibility: moments before putting your shoes on, use a hairdryer to heat your shoes. The heat will increase the flexibility of the fabric. This will allow for your shoes to move comfortably and conform to the contours of your feet when you slip them on.

Invest in a pair of Inserts: search for a gel or full insole inserts that supports the length of your foot. You can also choose to buy inserts that support only certain parts of the foot like the arch, toe, or ball of the foot. This small investment can make a big difference.

Don’t forget to book your pedicure: There is so much to prepare for, that your feet may be the last you thing you remember to take care of. Specially if you are going barefoot, wearing sandals or open toed shoes; you want to make sure your toes are looking wedding ready.

Bring a spare pair: Even if you take all the precautions suggested, you never know what can happen. Make sure you to bring a spare pair of shoes just in case.