I'm evolving with the customer

When I started Trish Lee Bridal in 2012, I wanted to offer thoughtfully designed customizable wedding dresses for the millennial bride, without the custom markup. Today in 2018, I’ve given that up to go digital - I sold my baby and bought into Anomalie.


Six years ago, I saw a void in the market. At that point, I had worked for a bridal company for five years, and I was ready to bring my own ideas to life. This bride knew to expect better than what the marquee designers were offering. They were using the web and social media to compare boutiques, styles, and price points. Only after arming themselves with knowledge of the market would they shop different salons. As for e-commerce, that was accepted as something more suited for big box retailers, not for something as special as your wedding dress. This bridal experience is what I would now call “semi-transparent” or “translucent.” Today the landscape has changed. Customers are buying mattresses online, having never tested the item.

Even with high stakes purchases like a wedding dress, the savvy shopper is coming to expect the same level of digital convenience.

We are moving from “translucence” to “transparency,” in the consumer market, where customers have not only information but control at their fingertips. Online retail companies like Everlane and Brooklinen (luxury bedsheets) have changed the game and cut out the middleman. Brides-to-be can now see the newest trends right off the runways and on style influencers. For this bride, that’s where the bar is set.

The wedding industry needs to catch up, and it’s a lot to swallow. In order to thrive, gatekeepers of the wedding industry have historically perpetuated the dream of the Big White Wedding, one that is entrenched in tradition and sentiment. I started in this industry being pro-bride, and now as a gatekeeper, I want to continue to champion for better.

I still love and believe in Trish Lee Bridal’s mission, but even I could see the limitations of what we were offering by having everything produced locally as well as maintaining a brick-and-mortar space.

And I’m the first to say that I’m evolving with the customer.

Ten years ago, I could only have dreamed of something like Anomalie. We’re in the The Jetsons’ world — custom wedding dresses on demand! There is no other company doing what Anomalie does.

We’re giving the customer a high touch experience with customization traditionally found at expensive boutiques all at the convenience of their fingertips at a quarter of the price. My role as the Chief Design Officer really couldn’t be a better fit. I get to fulfill my original mission of creating custom wedding dresses for the smart bride but at a global level. By leveraging my years of fit, construction, and customer knowledge with Anomalie’s supply chain capabilities, the sky’s the limit.

I’m living out my own Big White Wedding dream.