How to Get that Vintage Bride Style

Of all the wedding trends we have seen recently, we have to say that the vintage style is still a favorite among brides. Perhaps it is the romantic quality of the style that creates a sense of nostalgia in our modern times or maybe it is the subtle glamour that is captivating. Regardless, achieving the vintage bride look takes some thought and preparation, and we've come up with a guide highlighting important pieces to consider when putting this look together. 


The first and most important step to achieving this look is picking the right gown. Paying attention to elements like the silhouette and fabric details are important. One of our favorite details for this look is antique silver beading.  Intricate beading on the gown rather than serious sparkle offers a very special vintage look.

Lace is a preferred fabric for the vintage bride, alluding to romance. We suggest combining the use of this fabric with longer sleeves, creating a hint of modesty, which is essential to achieve the vintage look. 


Another gown style we like for this look is an off-shoulder gown that dominated the early 19th Century. Make sure to use delicate fabrics across the arms such as: tulle, silk or lace. The contrast of covering part of the arms, while baring the shoulders creates a subtle sexiness while still being modest and classic. 

Once you decide on a gown, the next thing you want to think about are the accessories. Accessories have a great impact on finessing the entire look. Making sure your accessories complement the gown will help you achieve the right vintage look.


We recommend a shorter, delicate heel with a rounder shaped toe; closed or peep-toe shoes are a great option.

Veils and Hairpieces

The headpiece is an essential element and one that can make or break the final look. If you are considering wearing a veil, we recommend a birdcage style veil for vintage glamour appeal. Hair combs with embellished details are also a favorite, and if you're feeling very inspired, a fascinator hat reminiscent of the 1940s or a Juliet style soft tulle veil after the iconic bridal look of Grace Kelly will finalize the look perfectly. 

Featured on Wedding Spot – Top Wedding Trends for 2014 by Trish Lee

Wedding Spot is the premiere source for finding your wedding venue – think Kayak for wedding venues. In a three-part series, Trish Lee gives her expert advice on all things weddings. Her first two articles covered timeless wedding dress styles and top bridal trends. Today, Trish Lee shares her vision on the top wedding reception trends for 2014 on Wedding Spot. Spread the word because it’s all fun and games!

Fun and games

From a simple ice cream bar to something bigger like the hottest new food truck pulling up at midnight to feed your party, what better way to surprise your guests and show them how much you care by feeding them after the revelry? Other ways to up the fun factor include featuring classic lawn games like bocce ball, corn hole and croquet, where guests can be a little silly before they sit-down for dinner. Also in this trend is the after-party where can either keep the party going, or take things down a notch for a casual end to the evening. The back room at your favorite local bar? Perfect.

Non-traditional venues

Couples are finding more creative, personal ways to tie the knot. Non-traditional venues include farms, boats, warehouses, local restaurants, or a friend’s backyard. These off-the-beaten-path venues offer more flexibility and can sometimes be more budget-friendly. Oftentimes, non-traditional venues also add another element of discovery for your guests. Look at Kona Coffee PlantationThe California Academy of SciencesChabot Space and Science CenterConservatory of Flowers, and the Brooklyn Historical Society (pictured below). Be inspired to make the unusual choice.

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