Top 5 Things to Know About Planning Your Own Wedding

Behind The Seams: Lessons I Learned From Planning My Own Wedding

Planning your own wedding is an amazing and trying experience. I love how it has brought Adam and I closer to our friends and family. There is a common purpose and celebration that we're working towards, and the wedding gives us a reason to get together with loved ones. How many times have you tried to arrange drinks with a group of friends only to have one of them show up? When it's wedding-related, they show up. 

If you're on the DIY path, what nobody tells you is that having a small wedding is almost as much work as a big one. Whether it's 40 or 200 people, you still have to make decisions on food, rentals, florals, the main difference being the quantity and cost. Be prepared to dedicate 20 hours per week to wedding planning in the months leading up to the wedding. Otherwise, hire a planner. Here's my takeaway on the top 5 things you should do when planning your own wedding. 

1. Put ONE person in charge, aka DELEGATE. You have to make this clear from the get-go. Oftentimes, your friends and family members have good intentions of "helping" but what you need to make clear is that they will not be assisting you, they will be OWNING the task. When planning your own wedding, there are a million things that fall on your shoulders, however, you can't be a part of every activity and decision.  

2. Finish all craft projects a month before the wedding. Designing those programs yourself? Do not leave it to the last month to do. 

3. Practice makes perfect. Are you doing your own flowers? Have a girls-night-in with wine. Invite your bridesmaids over to do a trial run to get a feel for how long it actually takes.  

4. Make sure to have a wedding day timeline that is shared with all vendors and important parties and make sure that everyone knows their roles. That way if there are any concerns, it can be addressed beforehand. 

5. Assign a clean-up crew for the aftermath. Don't forget that the rentals have to be cleaned off and ready for pick-up, the gifts have to packed up and transported, etc. There's nothing worse than having the bride and groom dealing with the trash after the celebration is over.