The Real Reasons You Need To Have Engagement Photos

Should We Do Engagement Photos? Short Answer: Yes. 

Initially Adam and I weren't planning on taking engagement photos for a myriad of reasons (time, effort, cost), but a good photographer friend of mine highly recommended them. After doing so, I must agree. Here's my top five reasons why you need to have engagement photos done. 

1. It's a way to get comfortable in front of the camera - especially as a couple. Adam is a foot taller than me. This makes for some awkward poses, and we had to adjust accordingly. 

2. You get to vibe with your photographer. Each photographer has a different working style. This is your chance to get to know your photographer who will be spending pretty much the ENTIRE wedding day with you. 

3. Not sure of how to do your hair and makeup? This is the perfect time to do trial run. Pro-tip: do not go to the MAC counter to have false eyelashes put on - go to LashSpot SF

4. Two words: golden hour. If you're having an outdoor wedding, make sure you know what time golden hour is. Golden hour is the time right before the sun sets when you get that perfect amount of natural night that isn't blindingly bright. Once you know when that is, you can schedule some time away for some couple's photos on your wedding day. We loved several of the the shots from our engagement shoot, but they could have been better if we had adjusted for the time of day when the sunlight wasn't so bright. 

5. Lastly, this is your chance to see how you photograph before the big day. You can take into account your best angles and how certain shots speak more to you stylistically. Some couples like more close-up, personal images, while others might prefer a more photojournalistic approach. All of this can be discussed with your photographer beforehand.

My final thoughts: I'm so glad we had engagement photos done. The photos captured us right before we are to be married - so it's a great keepsake. But on top of that, it will only make our wedding day go smoother.