San Francisco Wedding in the Presidio

In 2009, when Rachel was invited to her college girlfriend's holiday party, she had no idea that she was about to meet Matt, the "cute neighbor upstairs," that would become her husband. They became friends and hung out frequently in a group, but nothing blossomed as Rachel was in the middle of grad school applications, and Matt shied away from asking her out "in case she was leaving." However, the night her UCSF acceptance letter arrived, the group of friends celebrated, and Matt made his move. Five years later, Matt proposed with an oval diamond ring set in rose gold, a ring that he custom designed himself, evolving after 12 iterations! Rachel wore the Nora, a boat neck wedding gown in lace and silk crepe. 


In Rachel's own words: Attached to my veil were wax flowers that were from my maternal grandmother's and and my great-grandmother's veils - it felt like a part of them were with me. My great-grandmother was the first woman in the family to be born in San Francisco in 1885; she married in San Francisco the year of the big earthquake and fire in 1906. I grew up in San Francisco (just like Trish!) and it was very important to me to get married IN THE CITY.  The Presidio has the perfect mix of historical buildings, beautiful nature backdrop and the views of the bridge. We thought it would be great for our guests who were coming from out of town to experience that part of the city.  We chose a morning wedding and luncheon reception because we loved the idea of having the rest of the day to spend as a married couple. We had lofty goals of having a fancy dinner just the two of us on the Embarcadero, but we were exhausted and ended up going to the Ferry building across from our hotel and ordering burgers and fries to our hotel room! 

In Trish's own words: I admire Rachel's easy going style and her sense of San Francisco pride. Being a native San Franciscan, I'm a big fan of how she incorporated elements from her grandmother and great-grandmother's weddings in her own San Francisco wedding. Rachel has a great sense of herself and didn't compromise - their wedding celebration mirrored that. I love how they ended up eating burgers in their hotel room - that to me is a perfect ending for the day.